24K Pure Gold Mask

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Treatment worth 24 karat gold! Pure 24 Karat gold leaf placed on the customer's face are especially nourishing and dissolve into the skin and at the moment the skin becomes velvety, smooth, full of gloss and radiance. This innovative treatment is based on a pure gold mineral proven to have an electrical ability to bind oxygen to skin cells and to absorb toxins (free radicals).

This amazing treatment with immediate effect will treat the damage caused to the skin over the years. It is known that pure gold mineral has the combination of active ingredients that stimulate the production of protein, colognes and elastin in the skin and improve circulation. All of this gives the skin a new, fresh and glamorous life. It's time to pamper your customers with a therapeutic experience that gives your skin the perfect look you would all dream of.

Ingredients: 100% 24k Pure Gold

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